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What happened to us last night - Atalanta bossed us and won in convincing fashion ?

Liverpool 0 - 2 Atalanta

They were so strong physically and were not in the mood to take any s*** from us clearly from the get go,  I respect any team who brings that sort of attitude and game plan to Anfield.

Moreover, their build up play for both goals was excellent but our defending was a little below standard I felt.

Their keeper had feck all to day If I remember correctly, I don't think we even registered a single shot on target throughout the 90 minutes which was worrying to say the least.

I did predict Atalanta to qualify from this group btw.  What I didn't predict was a team that got annihilated 5-0 at home to come to our patch and dish it back a bit, credit where its due to Atalanta I guess.

With 2 games remaining and still top of our group on 9 points,  the 2nd and 3rd teams have 7 points and it means we need to make sure we do enough to qualify out of this group now!

Take a look at the standings in the Group Stages so far folks,  few teams have already booked their passage into the last 16:

thoughts ?

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    Damn i know, well this always could of happened, Atalanta have taken serie A by storm, they've been an unpredictible  sensation, for the last 12-18 months, sort of a bit like Leicester i suppose, guess our lads maybe took the game too lightly or dare i say we got complacent, at least we know  the state of the EPL and our unfortunate situation right now, that we can't afford the same attitude, mistake?,  in the domestic league, they play very good football as well similar to Napoli, who surprise surprise have also given us very tough matches..thought the radio commentator must of been joking at first when he said first Maradona had died, and almost in the same sentence that Atalanta had won, (yeah i had other stuff to do unfortuneatly), it just seemed too surreal,  i only realised both were true after a second confirmation, when i muttered a quick curse word to myself, in disbelief.

    RIP  Diego Armando Maradona

    LFCYNWA                      Football one game ONE name..

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    Nothing wrong with it you're lucky they didn't score goals really.  They are as capable as hammering Liverpool as much as Liverpool hammered them. You are guaranteed 3 points in the last game vs Midtjylland but if you lose to Ajax and Atalanta will beat Midtjylland in the final game then Liverpool will be 3rd with 9 points, Ajax and Atalanta will have 10. Ajax and Atalanta play each other in the final game so Liverpool need a win in their final game vs Midtjylland which is easy. Liverpool will qualify from this group.

    Few teams have qualified? I think too many have qualified. Barca, Juve, Chelsea, Sevilla, Man City, Bayern. That's 6 out of 16 already qualified after 4 games and Barca and Juve are from the same group as are Chelsea and Sevilla. Boring 

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    It had nothing to do with any of the reasons you said. Klopp will say it's down to his players being tired after having a relatively big squad and playing too much...

    Anyway dig at klopp over. It happens. Its a 1 off, I still see Liverpool in the final unless they meet Bayern before hand in which case it's a tossup on who wins.

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