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If a vampire bites a horse would that create a horse vampire?

So we all know that when a vampire, or a Dracula, bites a person and drains their blood they can then turn them into a vampire by feeding them some of their own vampire blood. Could this be done with a horse? Would the horse have fangs? Would the vampire horse attack other horses, or humans?

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    Vampire horse? that would be kind of cool and scary to see

    I mean, pale horse that has sharp fangs that a vampire lord travels on. Maybe it can grow large Bat-wings like a sort of evil Pegasus. 

    In Vampire The Masquerade lore: animals cannot become vampires, however they can become ghouls for a vampire (slaves who are fed vampire blood, become dependent on their master's blood once a month, humans and animals can become ghouls.) They tend to grow larger and mutate into a terrifying parody of their former self. Many develop a thirst for it, regardless of their former diet

    So yea, a vampire horse.....go for it! 


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    Well yes, in theory this would create a vampire horse but in practice this is never done in modern times.  Vampires get to choose whether or not to 'turn' their victims, so, even though they occasionally do have to feed on horses and other animals, they no longer make the animals into vampire animals.

    Back in the early days of vampires a few of them tried it.  There wasn't really any point to do it for transportation, since flying is faster than riding by horseback, so who knows why, but they tried it.  The vampire horses were pretty useless though.  Horses have such big, broad teeth that they couldn't feed properly (which requires fangs) and they starved to death.  So it's just a waste of effort to try and turn a horse and no one does it anymore.

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    Sounds offensive to black British migrants

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    No self-respecting vampire, not even one of those frosted hair wearing pansies from modern lore, would ever bite a horse.  The phrase "so hungry I could eat a horse" is just an expression.  Nobody ever ate a whole horse, especially not a vampire.

    Your question is preposterous.  You might as well ask what happens when a vampire bites a Jedi, because at least Jedi (well some of them) are human.  Or what happens if a vampire bites a headless horseman, because even that would be more reasonable.

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  • I remember when I was in the forth grade reading a story about a vampire rabbit that drained the color out of carrots. It was called Bunnicula, though the backstory of whether or not it had been bitten by a vampire was not in the story. 

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    As vampires are mythical, the writer of any story about such things can invent anything they like.  They could write a story where a vampire bites a hamster which becomes a hampire!

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    It would probably turn out like The Mares of Diomedes, which were a herd of man-eating horses in Greek mythology. They were wild and uncontrollable.

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    Yes, but it doesn't transform into a bat. 

    It changes to a horsefly instead. 

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