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Continue dating a guy with HSV-1 (herpes)?

A guy I've been talking to for the past few months about a week ago tested positive for herpes (HSV-1). He told me of this diagnosis the other day. This relationship/friendship has been entirely virtual, but we had plan since last month to meet up during the holidays. We're both virgins/never been kissed. So he believes he probably contracted in his youth (he's originally from a third world country).

How should I handle this matter?

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  • Doesn't matter where you're from, any one can have cold sores (which are caused by HSV1), they're very common to have. Most people that have them, contract cold sores during child hood by being innocently kissed by a close relative or close friend that has HSV1. 

    Don't kiss him on the lips or let him give you oral sex, while he has any signs or symptoms of a cold sore. HSV1 is less likely to be passed when he's in between break outs. 

    Cold sores are not that big of a deal. All it does is cause an occasional cold sore or fever blisters on the lips.  

    If you want to continue dating him or not, that's up to you. 

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    2 months ago

    It’s really not that big of a deal... lots of people have that. It’s really minor 

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    Most people on the planet have HSV1 in their bodies.  It is literally a cold sore on the mouth. They come for a few days and disappear.  While its active dont kiss him or share a drinking glass. Other than that this is a nothing burger

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    HSV-1 is the one that causes cold sores. Most people have been exposed to it at one time or another. As long as he doesn't have any sores, you are unlikely to contract it and if you do, it's easily treated.  HSV-2 is the one that causes the genital lesions. That's the one you want to be super careful to avoid.

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  • 2 months ago

    Just don't kiss him if he has some blister on his lips. 

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