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I am unable to control my desires. What to do?

I am a Muslim guy. I am unable to control masturbation. I know it's a sin in Islam. But,  it's something that cannot be controlled. After every 3 months, I feel a strong urge to masturbate. I read somewhere that the urge occurs when you see **** or watch some A rated movies. I never watched ****. I stopped watching A rated movies 2 years back. I pray Salah daily, I observe fast too in Ramadan. But, this habit is not getting controlled. A friend of mine suggested that I should get married. But, I don't want to marry a girl unless I love her. Marriage is based on love, not on sex or fulfilling sexual desires. I am quite worried about this issue. Please help. 

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    it's a natural human desire.  much like hunger and sleep.  But always remember, don't let your urges dictate your actions.  That's what leads to poor decision making.  Getting married will not solve your problem, it will create another.  

    You cannot change human biology.  You can change religions.  This limitation you put on yourself is not in every religion.  The other option is to just do it and repent.  

    I never got into religion.  Just more rules that I have to follow and getting judged by everyone.  I do just fine independently and I'm successful at that.  

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    Just go ahead and sit on Joe Bidens face while you spank your camel or try makin bacon by humping a pig like Barack Obama does.

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    Hhmmm... Hard to say... Pray for forgiveness to Allah SWT... 

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    The best way is to get married with some one whom you love, once for all.

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    you need to repent and pray for forgiveness 

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    Find a wife it is better to marry then burn with passion as a Christian you don't have the father if you don't have the son 

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