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What's the best way to store data long-term?

I was going to put a USB hard drive in my "safety deposit box" but will my grandchildren be able to access it decades later? (Do hard drives degrade over time?)

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    I suggest SSD instead of HDD and also DVD copies. The bigger challenge decades later might be whether there is ability to read USB drives. For example, cassette tapes were popular a few decades ago, but almost impossible today to find devices to access them. Good luck.

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    All electronics degrade over time so there is always a risk. If you want to use HDD then take multiple copies as the magnetic platters tend to weaken and need refreshing every 3 years if not used. 

    Probably the best way of storing data is via cloud storage which has built in redundancy. 

    M-disc are said to last decades

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    2 months ago

    M-Disc (google it)

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