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Was it my problem or he was a toxic person?

I've been on and off with this guy for a year.the last time he begged me for months to take me back.and we were together for about 3 months again and then he left the country for good.he was like we're gonna make it work even when we're far and we're gonna meet and etc.but as he moved he got cold and distant and he started to reply me late but he had time to go out. and I nagged a lot about him acting busy.we broke up at the end and he wasn't against breaking up.we decided to stay friends.but I was too angry and let it all out one day.and told him he played with me and he lied to me all this time about loving me and blocked him without letting him you think I overreacted and shouldn't let him see that I'm broken? Is it normal that I get that offended when people don't text me back or reply my msgs late? This was a toxic relationship but I'm wondering if I got problems I need to work on. Or do you think I reacted normal? And I keep asking myself why he begged me for months and then let me go that easily.

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    People like him want what they can't have. Once they have it, they don't want it anymore.

    Don't keep thinking on it, just move on.

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    It sounds like he used you. As you said he had no problem leaving the country ! It is understandable that you feel betrayed and disappointed . You’ve put all your emotions and your feelings in this relationship and you were genuinely committed . He never committed to you and the relationship was temporary for him because in his mind he knew he was going to leave the country . It is what it is and you can’t change the situation. He has moved on . I could not help but wondered if he has someone in the country he has moved to ? It sounds like he has not been honest toward you. We get hurt in life and you can’t change another person. Yes block him and don’t let him get a chance to make up a lousy story. Why should you give him that opportunity? He has moved on, you can move on too,

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