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how do i deal with relationships with women if my kid could be disabled?

I already have never had a date before and there are just more and more reasons to never get one. When I was 16 I found out I was born with 22q deletion. My parents just got unlucky that I was born with it 1 in 16,000 or something and if I now have a kid the percentage goes to like 50 percent chance. Obviously technology can be different etc but most girls I have met are dying for the day they get to have kids how am I supposed to say oh yeah by the way your kid might be disabled 


im 22 now btw. things have changed a lot but im still not getting anywhere so far either way so i don't even know why im asking this but it's obviously one of the hurdles for dating now

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    That's just something you have to talk through with a potential partner. Everyone who has children has to deal with the possibility of running into some sort of complications, possible disability, possible deformity, defect, or whatever. Your chances are just a bit higher, that's all. I feel like the majority of women will always love their children no matter how they come out. I mean, they carry the thing around for nine months and then expel it from their bodies in a crazy, painful, goopy mess. It's only natural that they feel a connection to the child. And people are really accepting of even the craziest of **** these days. I think you'll be ok, friend. You never know until you try anyways. Put yourself out there. You got this. I believe in you.

  • Alan H
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    2 months ago

    Interact with other people.   Go on dates

    If one starts to become serious,then tell her

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    you don't actually have to get every woman you ever date pregnant. in fact it is pretty rare for someone to have children with everyone they have ever been on a date with.

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