I am an aspiring entrepreneur and so far I have no opportunity to buy or rent an office. ?

Is it possible to carry out business activities at the place of residence?

In accordance with Art. 17 of the Housing Code, it is allowed to use residential premises for entrepreneurial activity, subject to a number of conditions:

- reside legally, including: being the owner of a residential premises, living on the basis of an agreement (social hiring, lease, etc.), etc .;

- not to violate the rights and legitimate interests of not only citizens living in this dwelling, but also neighbors.

When carrying out entrepreneurial activities at the place of residence, one should also be guided by the norms of civil legislation. In Art. 288 of the Civil Code, it is established that industrial production in residential buildings is not allowed. Accommodation by the owner in the residential premises belonging to him, enterprises, institutions, organizations is allowed only after the transfer of such premises to non-residential.

Thus, the implementation of individual entrepreneurial activities at the place of residence is allowed subject to the above restrictions.

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