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Dog bite or human bite?


Parents are saying a dog bit their child but they did not physically see the dog bite her. They are telling the owner they have to pay for the child’s hospital bill. 

Update 2:

Dog bit or CHILD?

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    A veterinarian or human Dr. = should be able to tell you, if you wish an expert opinion.  Now, a vet might be able to PROVE if the dog IN QUESTION - was the biter, if this bite mark is established as a dog bite.  In fact, if someone is required to pay (IMO) they need to see the medical expert's opinion and all Dr. Bills.

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    That is a dog bite...........

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    Hundreds of dog bites but no human bites.

    Edit:  It looks like a minor bite & doesn't look like it needs a doctor to treat it.  No stitches were needed.  Whether human or dog it will be bruised & turn colors as would any bruise.

    I think I would ignore the demand to pay medical bills.  Were you provided the medical diagnosis?  Any doctor would be able to tell the difference between a human bite & a dog bite.  Check out the medical diagnosis.

    Who witnessed the bite?  Who allowed it to happen?  What was the situation?

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