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What are the signs your ex is coming back or not coming back?

My ex boyfriend and I are friends. We still talk but I can't tell if he is coming back or not. He didn't return all my things from his house yet. We don't really ask each other if we have new relationships. 

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    You have to tell him how you feel and try to figure out do you wanna ask him and take that chance? or do you just wanna wonder forever? i feel like you wanna go around the direct route and try to figure it out without asking so you don't get hurt but there's always risks in life. Just something to think about. Good luck and hope it works out for you.

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    If you want him back, tell him so upfront and discuss what would need to change to make it work this time. You can't be his friend if you have feelings for him, this needs to be settled one way or another. The anxiety you are putting yourself through analyzing his behavior and waiting for him to make the first move is a waste of energy. Either he is interested or he isn't, you have nothing to gain by being passive.

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