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Can you get in trouble for fingerspelling ACAB to a cop?

So I took an American Sign Language course a few years ago. I forgot pretty much everything except fingerspelling, where there's a hand position for each letter. Thus fingerspelling.

So if I drive past a cop and fingerspell ACAB (all cops are bastards) can he get me in trouble. That assumes that first, he even understands it, and second, he cares enough to try to do something about it. Which I'm not sure will happen.

But if he understands it and cares, can he do anything? I know in the past he could just make up some crime like speeding, and if it's your word vs a cops, the cop always wins. But the piggies in my town now wear body cams, so that's kinda not an option anymore...

Yeah, it's probably a dumb thing to do, but it makes me feel happy, and, you know, ACAB. So it's worth it, assuming I can't get fined or arrested for it :)

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    No, there's no crime involved in "finger spelling" or sign language, regardless of how dumb it is.  I doubt anyone would even notice, and it's not like that's a common phrase or abbreviation your average person is going to know, anyways.  Nor would anyone be able to prove what that stood for, anyways, even if we were in a world where that was illegal. 

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