Why is my chronic pain BETTER on my period?

This has stumped all my doctors for the past year. I suffer from a mysterious chronic illness that looks a lot like interstitial cystitis...it's basically like having a UTI every day of your life. On bad days, my genitals feel like they're on fire for hours at a time. (It's not an STD btw). 

The only things that have ever helped the pain are

1. Antihistamines (although my body builds a tolerance to them very quickly because the universe thinks my pain is hilarious I guess)

2. Birth control (I think, since my chronic illness didn't appear until I stopped taking them)


I would be tempted to say this had something to do with endometriosis, but even though you don't HAVE to have painful periods to have endo, the fact that my pain always gets BETTER during my periods is apparently really strange. I can't find a single person who has the same problem. 

I've started to hypothesize that my pain is due to a mast cell/histamine issue, where excess estrogen is amping up histamine reactions and messing with my bladder (hence my pain being better when I'm on my period and my estrogen is low). That's all a personal theory, though???

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    maybe see a urine doctor

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