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Will mass gainers help me break my plateau need some help?

I been hitting the gym for 1-2 years and I been stuck at 152-153. I am 22 years old maybe 5 foot 10. When I started I was about 20% body fat and now I am like 11-12% from fasting and now I don’t have a belly. Even at 20% I believe I was around the same weight and now I am skinner with muscle and same weight. I am now trying my best to track my macros but it seems like I need to eat 3k calories a day and it seems like I am always 1-1.2k short in my macro to get to 160 . My goal is it hit maybe 170. Will mass gainers help me break out of 160? I workout 4-6 days a week depending on my work schedule and the college gym schedule. Sometimes I usually walk around my neighborhood for 30-40 mins for that extra cardo. My only thing I am worried is getting bloated or fat. I been cutting out sugar or really limit my sugar  for a whole year and I don’t even look back and now fast foods.


*break out of the 150 range 

Update 2:

And if I do take mass gainers should I take one ever day?

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    IF you are coming up 1000 calories short, that is your problem. 

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