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Workout guide?

So I want to lose weight and I've been hitting the gym. What are the best workouts to lose weight fast? Should I do cardio 3 days a week and strength 2 days a week? What is the best to do?

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    Well, you can lose weight fast or you can lose weight in a healthy way. Generally speaking, the faster the weight loss, the more likely it'll come back. If you want to lose weight and maintain that loss, it takes lifestyle change for the long haul. Exercise is great, but you also have to eat well and maintain your health. Remember that exercise will not only help you burn fat, but also gain muscle and the facts are that muscle weighs more than fat... so it's very possible to not lose much weight but make major changes in your body composition. Example, at one point my sister and I both wore a size 4-6 and were the same height; she weighed about 115 pounds and I weighed about 130 pounds. 

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    Personally, I don't work out, I just do the special k diet and I still lose weight, but if you really want to do things you like, I would just keep going to the gym for now and when it gets warmer go on walks and when it's summer time, go swimming. Those three I mentioned are all fun activities. 

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    2 months ago

    The best way to lose weight is in the kitchen.

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