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Best dog for me ?

I want a mellow dog with low to no prey drive. But good for hiking and intimidating potential dangers. I have anxiety so high energy and overly clingy is not ideal and i have small pets ( cats and guinea pigs ) but i need a dog for protection when I'm at home or hiking. So what breeds would you recommend for me. Thank you. 

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    well  depending on your lifestyle and where you live and do you have alot of free time and days and hours to able take care of a dog because alot of dogs really do need to be taking care of like take for a exericse everyday and playing and taking to the vet every once of year for heartworm and when its feeling sick and need to be go to the vet for check up and course all dogs need plenty of love and take for , need to be train well , pick up her or his mess made and cant leave a dog home alone for 3-24 hours because dog  cant be left alone. and if you are  planning to take the dog out with you to grocery store .you neither cant leave the dog inside the car durning the hot weather. plus not alot of dogs do get along with cats and other small animal if the dog has not be raised together .you should also have a safe and good size fence backyard where the dog cant get out when you are not around or home. dont get laborader they do not get along with small guinea pigs .and not easliy to train and shed too much . i think you should get a medium size dog that does get along with other animals and friendly and calms and do get along with small pets and get along with people, does have some training like sports breed dogs . no chihuahua , yorkshire terriers because they do dont  get along with cats .i know i had raised small dogs like those before they didnt get along with cats at all. more like aggressive toward them . but anyways,  i just write down some breeds that you can look up on google and do some research about the breeds. 1 thing do not buy dog on craigslist or from people who has puppies that was born in the backyard because there are people who will tell some un true fakes stories and try to sells junkies dogs that are not healthy over charge money to rib you off . so can get rid their dog . it better buy a healthy ,clean dog that has it heart worm tested and spayed like at the animals rescue shelters and or breeders that are nice people. make sure ask many questions about the puppies and older and younger dog past stories before you plan to adopt and buy. 

    breeds of dogs i think its best to get .

    Giant Schnauzer - used to be train to work with cattle herding,recue and serach works.used for working as police and miltary, guarding ,they are loyal, and affectionate an need plenty of exercise, this breed is energetic and intelligent breed makes an excellent pet. life span is 12-14 years.

    breed  - name is Bouvier Des Flandres - used to be train to work for police work and rescue and search work,farm dog,cattle dog, use to pulling carts of produces and draft works,very quiet dog, train to carrier supply work, loyal pet, used for working as miltary , as a guide dog. life span is 10-12 years.

    breed name is Miniature poodle is smart,loyal,friendly, not aggressive toward of small animals and easily to train, used to be train to gun dog,intelligent and sensitive pet,watch dog,use to be train to work as cirus and doesnt shed, makes an excellent family pet. life span is 12-14 years. 

    breed name is german shepherd used be train to work for police, miltary, search, rescue, farm ,herding,air forces,as a guard dog,a an guide for blinds,as a family companion, used for train be dogs show, very highly intelligent,responsive and versatile , like to be outdoor,not sure get along with small animal you need to studied about that . life span is 11-13 years.

    breed name is Australian shepherd dog  used to be train working dog, use as working as sheeps and goats and chicken, duckies  herdings on farm , and ranch, and herd livestock, guarding ,search and rescue works, for police work, insttinctively and protective ,affectionate,and loyal,family pet,very great be actives sports and not usually aggressive ,this breed may also attempt to herd people by bitting at their heels. ,not aggressive toward other animals . life span is 12-15 years. 

    well here are more dogs that not aggressive toward other small animals and are very actives sports dogs . 

    border collie

    bearded collie

    old english sheep dog




    Dobermann pinscher


    great swiss mountain dog

    Swedish Lapphund

    standard german spitz

    japanese spitz

    irish setter

    standard poodle

    golden retriever

    flat coated retriever

    chesapeak bay retriever


    Bichon frise


    french bull dog


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    How lazy are you? Do your own research.

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    Stay with small breeds but that does not guarantee that the dog won't have a high prey drive.  You need to get a puppy that will grow up with your little pets. You need to train the dog to be what you want it to be.  If you don't know anything about dog training, you many not be able to train the dog to be what you want it to be.  There is a ton &  a 1/2 of stuff you need to learn before you get a dog.  It can be hard to raise a dog if you know nothing about them.

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    NONE........ .......

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    Labradors are fun and loving dogs but they can't guard even to save their own skin. They'd wag their tails at any intruder and gladly introduce you to them! They're useless as guards and for protection.

    I'm thinking Rottweiller. They can be as attached as Labradors and are naturally protective of their owners but not necessarily aggressive. 

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    Totally agree that E.H.Amos has said it all.

    I just echo her reply

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    2 months ago

    E.H.Amos has said it all.  

    Take that advice is my suggestion. End of.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
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    Labradors, love exercise and water and people.

  • James
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    Get a labrador retriever  or something mixed with lab

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    Newfoundland. It doesn't have protective instincts, but will do so in the heat of the moment.

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