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How can I learn to write better?

I have a tough time writing because I missed out on middle and high school. I often compose a paragraph as if a 1st grader had written it. I’m not a bad speller but I do phrase my sentences badly. 

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    Reading enables you to write better, whether you're reading an article, or a book, it will help you to become a better writer.   Tips:  Read something that you are interested in, something that captures your imagination.   Memorize some of your favorite quotes by writing them down and reciting them back to yourself.  Finally, practice makes perfect.  

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    There are plenty of free courses on youtube Go for it

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    Write your thoughts every day in a journal or keep a note pad handy. The only way to improve your writing is to read many books and keep writng.  

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    I suggest you visit www.

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    You probably should get yourself a tutor.

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