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I think I attract medical professionals I’ve always been treated really well?

Hello, I seem to attract medical professionals quite a lot. I’ve always had doctors get really comforting towards me now that I’m an adult. I see them quite a bit because I’ve had a lot of health issues for my age. I remember my urologist usually touches my forehead and holds my hand before starting the procedure I’m there for. My physiatrist has put his hand on my shoulder before as a way to comfort me and also gets close to me about 2 feet away to talk to me. I went to the ER recently and a male RN called me beautiful and complimented me on my looks and made small talk. My pain specialist has rubbed my head and held my hand too before a procedure starting I’ve seen him about 3 times and one time he lifted me to a sitting position and held the juice for me to drink after anesthesia. This really can’t be a coincidence. Another time I went to the ER a doctor comforted me with words and also gave me his business card and told me what hospital he would be later that night in case I had any questions come up after discharge... like I said I have a lot of health problems and usually appear like an optimistic person and I do work for a clinic but not a clinician. I just don’t know if I have an aura about me that makes these professionals much nicer to me.  I’ve had my specialist also say that his nurses love me and I’m such a joy to be around which I thought was wonderful but I guess I don’t understand it?? My questions is why do I get treated so well generally by doctors. 

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    Medical professionals are nice and calming towards you because they have to be that way with all of their patients. 

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