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Graduating high school early convo with parents, how do I talk to my very closed minded parents about this? ?

Hey guys. I have had this goal that I wanted to graduate high school one year early ( junior year) I would be 17 instead of 18 and then go to a university. It’s been a goal of mine since 6th grade and my parents thought I would get over the idea. After going into actual high school they have been saying that it’s immature that I still want to leave or saying that they aren’t letting me go to college early. they also asked why I wanted to go a year early so bad. I tried explaining that it’s a goal that I really want to achieve and just get a head start and they keep saying that they won’t let me go. I don’t know how to convince them . I really don’t. There is no specific reason other than it’s a goal I’ve wanted for so long and they are just now saying no and shutting me down no matter what I say to them. I’ve been very calm and saying that while I understand their point of view I simply don’t agree . I’ve asked them to be more open to the idea and they just shut me down no matter what. They also said I don’t know what I want to study and so i asked if I was supposed to have my career picked out yet and they said I was immature for asking that. I mentioned I have a couple years to figure it out and I just don’t know how to calmly convey my thoughts without them shutting me down and me getting choked up. I’m at a loss please please help.

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  • drip
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    2 months ago

    In the US?  Try to compromise by taking some classes at your local community college for a semester or two first. 

    You will still be at home and you will still be taking college credited classes.

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Would you have the grades to get into Uni at 17? this is what counts, not what you WANT>

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