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Can you make a full recovery from psychosis?

If it is caused by a non physical issue like insomnia

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    I don't know everybody else but I used to be a crack cocaine addict about 30 years ago I definitely had cocaine psychosis it's 30 years later I don't have paranoid delusions anymore nor do I have any desire to go back to that garbage I'd have to say that I'm pretty much recovered from any kind of psychosis

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    2 months ago

    I'm not going to say categorically no, but generally no. Once a psyche's been broken, it can be put back together, but like anything that's been broken and put back together, it's not as strong as it was before. The cracks are still there and there's a higher propensity for it to break again. It won't necessarily, but that person's psyche remains more fragile and will show signs of stress sooner. Now, maybe it never was that strong and that's why it broke, because even if, as you say, it was for lack of sleep, one must then question the choices that person made that led them to being so deprived of sleep. It is extremely untypical for anyone to mentally or physically make choices that push themselves to the point that they arrive at being so deprived of sleep that they have a psychotic break.

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