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how soon will Trump's legal team most likely get their cases before the Supreme Court? (are the judges refusing them to hurry the process?)?

are these judges in the lower courts just helping Trump to get it there quicker by immediately refusing to hear the cases? or what term are they using besides "Throwing them out"? these are mostly Republican judges? maybe they realize that since they are mostly in a Democrat run, populated area, that it would be in Trump's best interest to have them dismiss them so he can take them to the Federal level?

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    Well, my guess is that it will be soon.  I think they will go next to the electors of the congress of each state, right (and those states are Rep) , and then it goes to SCOTUS.  Just a guess.

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    I believe that the Supreme Court has already noted and given a "hint" to CHUMP that "they" would rule that they the Supreme Court would not have any given justification to "overturn" the will of the vast majority of people in our country. In other words folks; CHUMP and PENCE got FIRED and Biden and Harris will be indeed sworn in as President and Vice President in January 2021. And that the Supreme Court and our Constitution are things that CHUMP can't BUY.

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    SCOTUS generally take only take cases on the basis of the law.  The Trump cases have mostly failed due to lack of evidence.   Thus, it is extremely unlikely SCOTUS will overturn (or even review) a case where the decision to dismiss was made entirely on the failure to present adequate evidence.

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    Trump will Win at the High Court, with the Democrat Voter Fraud Algorithms that changed 2.7 million Trump votes to Biden votes. I filed a voter suit against Biden, when I discovered on line that my Trump Vote was never counted. Even though I voted in person. Summerlin Town Center Las Vegas

    I expect a 5-4 Trump Victory at the U.S Supreme Court.

    Since we are already at war, nothing will change.  TRUMP 2020

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    The Supreme Court will slap him down so quickly it will make his head spin.  The Court will not hear any of these "voter fraud" cases.

    Chief Justice Roberts does not believe that the SC should be in the business of deciding elections. I can also guarantee you that the three Justices little Donnie thinks would be so friendly to him would let him know in no uncertain terms that they have no intention of bothering to waste their time on claims presented without evidence.

    The SC will let the lower court decisions stand.  If Donnie thinks otherwise, he's going to be very, very surprised.

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    He already has a case before the Supreme Court.  Two weeks ago he requested that the Supreme Court expedite the case.  The Supreme Court has taken no action to expedite the case.  The Supreme Court is not scheduled to meet to discuss cases again until December 4.  As that case involves the counting of the vote, if the Supreme Court were interested in taking it, they would have acted before Pennsylvania certifies its vote.

    They are a mix of Democratic judges and Republican judges and a mix of state and federal judges.  Many of them -- in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania -- are in areas that are Republican run or were run by Republicans as little as two years ago.  

    More importantly, dismissing a case does not help Trump.  To win, Trump will need to produce evidence in court.  Allowing the case to go to a higher court on an appeal on a motion to dismiss would, at most, produce a ruling that the trial court should have heard evidence.  Appellate courts do not take evidence.  Additionally, election cases, with limited exceptions, are properly heard in state courts.  Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction which, in plain langauge, means that they can only hear certain types of cases in which claims of federal law are made.   Because election law is established by the states, it is very difficult to state a valid claim for relief in federal court.

    The simple reality is that, to date, the Trump team has not filed a case that the Supreme Court is likely to hear.  The Supreme Court hears questions of law not questions of fact.  Additionally, the Supreme Court itself has previously ruled that the December 8 deadline for resolving disputes about the count is absolute.  Under the Supreme Court's ruling in Bush vs. Gore, it disputes are not resolved, the last count controls.  And, if trial courts aren't hearing evidence yet, the odds of getting a ruling that would adjust the count before December 8 is fast disappearing.

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    They are not using the term "throwing them out".  The legal term is "dismissing".

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    What you are saying seems correct but why are the dem appointed judges playing along . There are many filing suite besides the Trump team and those are the ones being thrown out .

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    Oh he’s, every judge just LOVES to be overruled by the Supreme Court. Yup.  

  • Trump's attempt to abolish the SCotUS will cost him

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