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how to make my house smell like lemons?


what do i use? are there candles that smell like lemons?

Update 2:

Reported AGAIN, anonymous and you can just get a actual life instead of being a creepy loser who lurks on a complete stranger's questions. If anyone is a airhead, it actually is YOU anonymous, you can't even type out a proper English sentence. I'm pretty sure I know who this is anyways and I know I'm right too!

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    Lemon candles  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Apparently not knowing the answer to this question makes you look like an airhead, but the your answers and questions it appears you aren't that smart in the first place!

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    2 months ago


    Yankee Candle, they do a wide range or products. Sicilian Lemon or Lemon Lavender are gorgeous.

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