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What is your favorite quality about President Joe Biden? Is it his statesmanship, honesty, intelligence, or all of the above?

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  • 7 days ago

    His Senility- He makes for some really great comedy any time he speaks. Forgetting what he is saying as he talks, falling asleep as he talks, saying anachronisms... he is definitely a worth and hilarious Comedian

    ... Oh wait... his a politician isn't he?

    Source(s): Every video of his opening his mouth
  • Buzz
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    1 week ago

    He’s straight forward and uncomplicated. He’s just what is needed after that dangerous narcissist Trump. It needs a cool, understated person to calm things down.

  • 1 week ago

    He is a known proven thief, he should be locked up but instead they voted him president.

  • 1 week ago

    You're being sarcastic right ?

    Please tell us you're being sarcastic ! Other wise there are really desuional brain washed morons walking around in America ....

    I like where he's live on C-SPAN admitting to Quid Pro Quo with the Ukrainan Government, he forced them to stop investigaing Crack Head Hunter Bides Crimes!

    Also the compilations where he can't even construct a coherent sentence ! Priceless!


    And how Creepy Joe thanks his voters ;)

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    His first wife daughter and son beau. Nothing In his life now seems admirable his wife Jill certainly not Hunter or his record in government not his lack of courage to tell Pelosi and the whole Democrat Party to go suck gas when they forced him to run just to get Harris elected. It should be considered fraud knowing that going into this election that if he wins  that he will never be able to serve a full term which is the least admirable quality 

  • zipper
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    1 week ago

    Not much of any thing, BUT his picture does make a dam good target at the Rifle Range.  Another four years of a Dummy-Cratic President. This sucks big time! TRUMP FOR KING!

  • 1 week ago

    Dear president  elect the capuchian fries of Plumpton can church's and pray paint on cars of cars these go squad heal the world with prayers .Johnny Spiteri was monk now a priest is gentle of the church  he marriages last life time.president look after Catholic America and American but ask for technology and builders buying old houses rebuild American for all Catholics have no colors 

  • 1 week ago

    Never heard of a president Joe Biden. Who’s president is he? What country?

  • Oh the horses needed changing so half america is happy . I guess people got tired of career politicians but we just witnessed Jr. Party Guy have his 4 year fling . 

    Who's fault was 9/11. Depends on your party . 

    Biden can't bring the country together - there's no civil war .

    It's BLM they are terrorist . That's not the KKK .

     Do you seriously think that will just stop - because there are 3 options and 2 are bad 

  • Jim2
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    1 week ago

    All of the above, and he seems to be a good person.

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