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Are high school proms funded by the seniors, or does the school cover that?

Let’s say the students put in their share every week for the upcoming prom?  Are their contributions alone paying for that?


Obviously, the limos, tuxes, and dresses are covered by the students (their parents).  But what about the location, food, etc.?

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    Depends on the school

    Public schools are funded by taxes. I do think having certain events and things do help out the school and honestly I do think that it helps the school make more money and I think schools could run off that stuff if many kids wanted to pay or participate which is going down every year. Like many seniors won't even go to prom anymore.

    Private Schools are funded by the parents who send their kids there 

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    The schools pay at least part of the costs. But this varies by district and location.

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    It is going to vary by state and by school district. In many places (public schools) do not pay/give any money towards proms/balls and the students must pay and/or fund raise to pay for these events. We had a school near us that had to cancel a prom because they didn't raise enough money.

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    Cost of tickets pay for the prom. Sometimes student try to raise money to cut some of the cost.  

    Schools do not put out any money.

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    Went to two: senior and junior.  We, the students, did not pay anything to hold those proms.  

    We, the students, did do all the decorations, invitations, and such.  But we used the materials the HS provided us.  The bands in both proms were provided by the school.  The refreshments were provided by the students' parents, as were the chaperons.Really the only expenses for us students were the formal dresses, tuxes, and transportation to and from the dance.  And usually the moms and dads pitched in for these items.

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