Do I have the right not to go?

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, I am taking her out for breakfast. I found out that my aunt and cousin are coming into town and are planning to visit with my but my grandparents and my mom and my grandparents backyard. Problem is they live in a city that has a very high number of covid cases. The town I live in has very few cases. I don't want to be rude and I know it's my mom's birthday but I have made it clear that I do not want to go to this visit. My dad's side of the family has a lot of people that are sickly, prone to catch pretty much everything, or have serious health conditions. I have a few visitations with my dad side of the family coming up, so I don't want to risk being around anyone that is high risk of giving me covid. I rarely leave the house and when I do I am very safe. I don't go around people very often and when I visit my dad side of the family we are generally safe oh, maybe not as same as some people as we do go close to each other and exchanged hugs and such but we do take some precautions. My mom said it was fine but I feel like she actually thinks I'm being rude by not wanting to go and by, she meet earlier she was pretty much saying she thinks I'm ridiculous or not going to go because we're not going to be close to each other while talking outside. 


I just can't risk it especially not with Christmas coming up cuz I really don't want to miss out on that it's my favourite holiday and it's usually the only day of the year I get to see all three of my siblings at the same time, normally when I go visit I can only see my youngest sister because my other sister wants to hang out with her friends instead and my brother rarely ever comes around. Do I have the right not to go to this visit even though it is my mom's birthday?

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    If you're an adult you always have the right to decline an invitation regardless of COVID-19 conditions. Obviously if your parents live together there's no point in skipping this event as they're all mixing germs anyway. But if this is a divorce situation where only you see your dad's side of the family it probably makes sense for you to not attend this party. Just point out to your mother that work hard to be careful for your dad's vulnerable relatives and it's not worth risking it for this, especially when you already took her out for her birthday. Many people are having to miss a lot of gatherings so they can be responsible for more at risk loved ones. 

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    Better safe than sorry. See your mom before the other relatives visit, then keep your distance. Don't let imagined feelings of guilt make you risk your health or your dad's family's health. 

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     You will take her for breakfast. Your Mom said that it was 'fine'.  The only person who you are arguing with is yourself.

    It is not a question of 'rights' it is your personal health choice.

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