I have known this friend for many years.

She has been living apart from her partner  for many  years he works away and he won't allow her to visit 

Every time he is due to come home he makes up a lot of excuses and leaves her hanging on and he don't turn up with no explanation. 

My friend calls me and she pretends that all is well and she makes a lot of excuses for him. 

When I try to be a friend and encourage her to talk to him about his behaviour she gets annoyed with me and gives me the cold shoulder for a few days. 

I find it very hard to go along with her excuses about him 

I try to make her understand that she needs to communicate with him and let him know how She feels

I am frustrated because she calls me upset but don't listen what I have to say 

How do I manage this  situation? 

I care about her 

2 Answers

  • T J
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    The next time she calls with her problem, tell her that you have advised her in the past and she does not like to hear the truth, so there is no reason why she is calling you. I know you care, but how long will you keep doing this. Tell her to not call with the same crap, unless she is prepared to finally do something about it. I would not put up with this, If I had to, Id have no more to do with her.

  • 2 months ago

    You cannot manage your friend's situation or her relationship. She will either eventually get tired of living this way and will attempt to make a change (which MIGHT get her to turn to you for help or advice), or she won't. Either way there's nothing that you can or should do about it until and unless she asks you.

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