Women only ! Guy has questions?

1. Would you rather be treated with respect or like crap like all my guy friends say to?

2. since nobody is perfect and a guy takes medications for depression is that a deal breaker?

3. How much money do we at least have to make a year?

4. Would you rather be with a guy who's only had 2 relationships or the guy who's had many?

5. Would you rather have Romance or just sex?

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    1. With respect. I think one thing men don't understand is if you want to hook-up or have a one night stand most women are fine with that! Just be upfront if you are not interested in commitment that means you respect us to tell the truth and have us make a decision with the facts. If you lie or lead us on that is disrespectful.

    2. If the plan is to take them long term that is deal breaker as over time those pills have serious side effects to one's physical health.

    3. Enough money to take care of yourself. I believe finances should be equal. I won't rely on you and same goes for you. Obviously if someone becomes unemployed I'm happy to support if I know you are looking for a job and enjoy working.

    4. It depends on the person. Everyone has reasons. 

    5. Depends on where I am in life. Currently I have both. My partner and I care deeply but also value sex so that was an important factor when we were looking for a partner. My best friend and her partner have low sex drives but are VERY romantic and happy together. I think this is something very important to share with a partner

  • 3 months ago

    1. Respect, obviously.

    2. Of course it's not a deal breaker, people have issues.

    3. In terms of money, I don't have a limit when it comes to dating. As long as he takes care of himself.

    4. How many relationships he's had in the past doesn't matter to me.

    5. It depends on the person and how I feel about them.

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