How do you approach a girl for somewhat shy guys ?

I have had a lot of rejection from women and some of it has been very nasty. I don't act like a douche or anything I just be nice and friendly. I have a hard time approaching women now because of the bad experiences. How do I properly do that it. 

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    You are approaching them as a GIRL. Not as a human being.  So you get rejected.  There are totally rude girls of course. But you are LUCKY to have been rejected by them because they are worth less than nothing.  If you simply talk to girls, just as you would to any friend, it may go nowhere.  Or it might develop later.  Ironically this means that the more confidence you have the more likely you are to be casual and in turn it becomes less likely to be rejected.  Play it a bit cooler and you won't need to be shy.  Remember that for every male out there looking for a female friend, there is a female out there looking for a male one.  And some of those are bitterly lonely.  I know a few and their stories can be bitterly heartbreaking.

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