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Is my friend narcissistic?

We met up, she picked me up with her car. we want to a restaurant to eat. Apart for making fun of me for how much money I make like 3 times in a row, things went okay.

Then after the day is over, she texts me saying you didn't even compliment my new car. I said I was more focused on our friendship. Then I even apologised for not 'noticing her new car' (even though I know I shouldn't have to apologise for something so superficial). Yet that still wasn't enough, she kept bringing it up. So I said I already apologised, what more do you want me to say?

And then she says another thing I've noticed is that you ate so fast like there's no tomorrow, like you had no breakfast. ( I was thinking to myself, calm down, I'm just your buddy not your date and at least I made sure not to be too messy).

I was shocked because she's never been this rude to me in the past.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    She sure acts up.

    I think you ought to review the friendship.

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