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Why are there so many sweaty campers on call of duty Morden warfare?

Came up blood gang, 30 bang, scuff gang, big choppa and big thang! and snipe you from behind. 

Do you play Call Of Duty? All these try harder and sniper pros think they are tr3yway

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  • Will
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Because that's who COD appeals to these days. Activision and the developers have designed the game, even warzone and other large team/map modes, to appeal to camping instead of moving around the map. It's also the only practical way to play multiplayers to be honest. If everything was run 'n gun, the matches would be like on Shipment in COD4 MW. As for people who act like quick scoping is remarkable, they are just people with big egos who want to feel talented in life. 

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