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Does this woman bleach her skin? ?

2 years ago this woman in my apartment complex got in a conversation with me about how they are screening tenants (not really true if im renting here lol) she said "not because of the color of their skin" while pointing to her hand. Is her body language showing she bleaches her skin? She is Spanish but unusually pale. She has become a nuisance  because she laughs at me like a heina and I saw her smoking in the busy part of the downtown by me in this pandemic. I used to care what she thought of me and was trying to be more polite and friendly with her, but after seeing her blow her germs in peoples faces I roll my eyes when I see her because I lost respect. She strikes me as a Karen and a narc and there are lots of those in this area. What are your thoughts?


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    I hear your rage and frustration and finally your willingness to void her.  I would try no to judge her right now though, as we are living in extremely different and awful times.  Life is unpleasant for all of us.  You don't have to engage in conversation with her anymore, but be not rude to her.  Underness all this "hardness" is a person who is wounded. 

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