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Saw my crush with another girl (I really need help- please read)?

I'm embarrassed by how much this is bothering me, so please leave nice & helpful answers only. 

Last year in 1 class, I noticed that this certain guy was cute. A few months later I realized I had a crush on him. My heart beat fast when he entered class, I tried to stare discreetly at him, look good for him, talk too much, feel crappy when he was absent, etc. 

He's in the grade below me and he had a gf at the time, so I tried to tell myself I didn't like him. But when we were out of school in March, I was either really bored or something, so I started thinking about him more & realized I was very attracted to him.

There was only 1 class we could have together (since we're in different grades). I was disappointed when I found out he wasn't in my bio class. I figured he was in another section or taking a different science class.

Today I confirmed that he is in the OTHER biology section. I have bad luck. The one with all my friends, too. And it gets worse: I was walking in the hallway & saw his class leaving. He was walking & talking with a girl IN MY GRADE, who I happen to think isn't nice. He's a rly nice guy btw. 

My 1st reaction was jealousy. I would give ANYTHING to talk to him 1 on 1 after class or just BE IN HIS CLASS AGAIN! Also, what if they r dating? I didn't think he would want to date a girl in the grade above him, and knowing that he would hurts. I've seen him so many times and we never say hi even tho we have a lot in common. 

I've tried unliking him, but cant


This honestly ruined my whole day and I feel like crying. How can I stop being such a baby and not feel jealous? Is there any chance I could ever approach him? How can I get over the fact that I have ZERO classes with him????? Ugh I'm totally overreacting.

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    First. Breathe. You have a crush. Exciting! However, at a young age (assuming you are In HS) 12 years, hes probably not going to be that cute tbh.... but to be helpful, maybe try talking to him!! 

    Also, know your worth! 

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    Next time you get a crush, find one with no GF. If they do have a GF, find a new crush.

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