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How to tell both sets of parents we like each other?

I am 18, a university freshmen. And the guy is 6 years older then me. Our families have been friends for 2 years now and they have tried to set me up with his younger brothers many times before, but I liked him and not his brothers. We have been talking online for about a month now, our families are getting together this week and we will both be there. We refuse to hide that we like each other but don't know how to approach telling our families, as we don't know how they will react and don't want to affect our parent's friendship. At this point we are only getting to know each other so it's nothing serious yet, but we mesh well and I could see us heading that way eventually. We are taking it super slow because it could seriously be a mess if things went sideways between us. So I'm just wondering what advice you guys might have to make telling our parents go a little more smoothly.


It's not that my parents are trying to marry me off or force me to be with anyone they just love the idea of me being with his younger brothers, I just don't know if they will be okay with me being with someone 6 years older then me. Due to covid 19 I have to live with them for another year so I kind of need their permission because they are strict. And it's not telling them that gives me anxiety it's that our parents are friends and if my parents don't approve they might not be anymore.

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    Just don't. If you can't talk to your parents about this without all this anxiety, you are too immature to be in a relationship in the first place.

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    Forget the parents, it is your life to live, not theirs. If there is such a problem, when you are ready, elope, get married at town hall.

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    Can you state your ethnicity and country, because what you provide is non-Western culture and most of the people answering should be of Western cultures.

    A modern society no longer encounters arranged marriages.

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