I can’t tell if this guy likes me back; does he?

So I work at a military base; I’m 19 the guy I’m attracted to is 20. He’s best friends with my mom and my moms guy best friend. So he see him often in the hospital because he works in my office and is around my mom often. I’m going to say though; I do have a boyfriend which is a very toxic relationship. And I’ve seen him walk in/out of work and drive back to the dorms with this girl Emily; but he’s told my mom they aren’t dating... they met a week before I started working there. Anyways... I tryyy to see him at work and I can’t tell if he tries to also. Like I’ll purposely have to go ask the provider he’s working with a question just to see him. And I feel he’ll purposely bring paperwork for me to the front or comes to my moms room purposely during lunch bc he knows I’m in there. Today for example; during lunch we were getting food and he came and stood right by me. Then I had to bring a patient to his providers room and he came to the hallway where we were stood right beside me again.. we rubbed up against each other anddd we always make eye contact just throughout the day when we see each other. The thing is though idk if he’s being outgoing.. since he hasn’t asked for my social media, to hangout, and seems to maybe like this other Emily girl. Or if he likes me and is sort of shy about it.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    The only person who knows the answer to your question is "this guy", the one you're asking about. 

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