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Snoopy asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 4 weeks ago

So why I am not evil ?

My dob is 29/01/86. Btw I love love people born in the year of the ox. Idk if all are great, but I talked to a guy yesterday who is a Cancer-Leo ox and he is married to an Aquarius-Pisces ox. :) But I just admire ox people as they respect others and their relationships and they genuinely want others to be happy. We are not homewreckers, so I love that, but I disagree that rat is our best friend. From my experience rat and pig are our enemies, some sheep too. Thanks. x


I don't believe in astrology though because my mom is a loyal moon in Libra and I was cheated on by a Pisces/moon in Libra, and I don't think other Pisces are that way too, happy to learn about otherwise. 

Update 2:

I learnt my lesson and won't date them. I think Gemini is maybe a better match for me, or another Aquarius or Sagittarius. But ox people really seem nice/ Or have you had a bad experience? I mean my brother is rat, and he is not evil like that either, nor is my best friend. So I do not know, I am a bit surprised about this guy. I never would have imagined lol. 

Update 3:

Not all pigs as my current friend is a pig :) 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Don’t like truth? You are waffling all the time about astrology. The disclaimer is pointless. 

    There are people that want astrology to be true and some need it to be true. Only "evidence" offered by the hardcore is all about Gauquelin. Nothing remotely else.

    There’s always enough credulous people with disposable income needing excuses. 

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