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How to get a new group of friends?

So, I’m almost 23 and I feel like I’m wasting my early 20s. Back story, I never was able to hold a circle of true friends and the last one I cut off was almost 3 years ago because they were all addicts and I wanted to be free of that life while I was still ahead. But since then, I don’t socialize much, I am afraid of a lot so when I do talk to people I OVER talk, and I am afraid of the people in my area knowing about me. I don’t like dealing people from my area because of a lot of them are drama freaks. I want to leave my area, and have a good social life. How do I find friends? How do I leave my hometown? How do I not say or do stupid things? I should mention, I have a mild case of Autism, so that adds to the over talking and anxiety.


I’m sick of living non exciting life.

Update 2:

I was told not to be afraid to talk about myself. I personally am a musician, however I have yet to play live. I am always willing to find new things to get into, but I really don’t know much else at the moment. I really want to expand my horizons.

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    Don't be afraid to tell us about yourself. What do you like to do? When you have a particular hobby or interest you can typically meet people doing the same things as you. I just got into whitewater kayaking and last time I went to the river I met some nice folks who talked to me about my old used kayak and my trip down the river. I regret not getting their number but I have a feeling I'll see them again. When you do meet someone with the same interests as you, just ask them for their number or other contact information in case you have questions. and say you want to come with them next time they are doing the thing you like to do. And stay in contact with them even if they forget to contact you back. Also make a YouTube channel with original content and some of your subscribers will probably want to collaborate with you and get to know you and you can reach out to others you subscribed too

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