I don’t think my boyfriend is physically attracted to me?

I am 23 and my boyfriend is 28. My boyfriend and I just turned a year a couple days ago. We met on Facebook because we had mutual friends in common and went on our first date 1 month after talking. Fast forward to now our relationship has been really good. We tend to communicate really well. But I’m scared to bring this to his attention because in the past when I had brought something to his attention we broke up. That was when we were about 7 months into the relationship and now we’re able to communicate better than resorting to breaking up when it got tough. Well, at the beginning I had told him I wanted to wait till marriage to have sex or at least until I was in love because I wanted my first time to be with someone I love. He understood that. We did other stuff like oral or anal. But my problem is that he doesn’t really initiate wanting to be intimate with me. When we were 10 months I told him I thought I was ready to have sex and he said we should wait till we’re a year. I respected that and I still do. But he and I don’t make out it’s just pecks and he doesn’t seem to want to receive oral. Wouldn’t a guy his age want to be sexually active? He says with me things are different because he’s never felt this way about anyone. I trust him and he really trusts me. But I can’t help but feel unattractive to him. I’m a bit chubby but I’ve been like this since the beginning. Could it be he’s just not attracted to me anymore apart from us having such amazing chemistry? 


I am his longest relationship. He’s never opened up to any other person as he has with me. Like I said, our chemistry is amazing. And he says he loves me but wouldn’t you want to be intimate with the person you love?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You did oral and anal. Get outta here!

    TJ help me out here. This is supposed to be a chick who is clinging to her cherry do you reckon our virginal friend here is taking it up the *** and swallowing the sword? 

  • T J
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Its either you or he is gay.

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