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How much worried should I be about HIV if Vaginal fluid got inside middle of the condom?

I did sex with a 40 year old sex-worker. While I was wearing condom and penetrating her, I was about to orgasm so I pulled out so I don't orgasm fast. I saw white liquid in toward the buttom-middle of the condom inside. I know vaginal fluid can carry HIV virus and I am sure it's vaginal fluid because I hadn't ejaculated. It's can't be semen and it's not precum, precum is not white. I kept having sex till I ejaculated. 

 I am worried now. It might got up toward utherus of my penis while having sex or removing condom and got inside my body

Condom wasn't broken or anything, the vaginal fluid got inside from the bottom of the condom. 

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    your worried and stressed over nothing and that is what you have nothing as you don't have HIV

  • If you're concerned see your doctor, ask them about getting tested for stds and HIV. Also consider getting tested for covid 19, and regularly. When you're having sex (and not wearing a mask), which isn't passed through having intercourse, but you're having close contact with people you don't know. 

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    Dont listen to Kelvin, HIV is a disease which can actually be passed by many ways and you would be surprised by how people get HIV in such weird events, dealing with sex workers is a irresponsible idea, you might as well get checked for Genital Warts aka HPV and HIV, I've had patients who have gotten HIV in weird situations. You should go get tested, even if there was no risk, the fact that you had intercourse with a sex worker, you must get tested for STD's and infections. Dont you ever have sex with a sex worker again, ill tell you ONE time. IT ONLY TAKES ONE TIME TO CATCH AN STD such as Herpes, HIV, HPV. Go get tested. 

    You should get tested ONCE a year at least, for ALL STD's and STI's, twice a year would be better.

    Be safe. 

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