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I had 3 dreams and they were all weird what does it mean? I dreamt them back to back, thanks in advance?

1-) i was kissing my sisters friend and he gifted me a Victorian car and I loved it (we almost dated so we did kiss at one point but never got in a relationship and I have a boyfriend of 6 years so that was weird) does it mean I still like him?

2-) I dreamt I went on a run saw a tall and  skinny With dark clothes and skinny jeans kinda like emo guy skating I told him I always wanted to skate and he was more than willing to show me if he can get into my house he smelled like smoke and im allergic to it. Idk but in my dream I wasn’t in control but I was scared of him and somehow I was about to have sex with him like I was the one who wanted it. I’ve dreamt about him before idk who he is.

3-) I dreamt I was proud of a school project and I was showing my dad but he didn’t like it and was criticizing me and how I could’ve done it better but I was so proud of it I was upset with my dad I started yelling at him with such passion. 

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    Your mind is clandestinely attractive to him as he may be handsome and worth loving person as per mind which make you to see this dream. It is just a dream which reveals the liking of your mind, not love of that person

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    The first dream means your relationships with other girls will help you conquer adversary - The second dream means you are looking for grace but it somehow makes you feel exposed and confused and dirty and you are given burdens you do not want and consequences you are forced to deal with and this might be caused by superficial factors such as a desire for money or status or excitement - The third dream means you are stretching yourself too thin in a relationship and are not being true to yourself

    I believe the dream means - don’t think only about what you want but also the price you will have to pay if you want to obtain it - it might not be worthwhile after all - also don’t deny your values and beliefs for anybody if you know they are right 

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    1-)  You have a bf of 6 years in real Life, or in the dream? Cherished the part of the Victorian gift from your sister's friend.  One wonders if you have a bf in real Life though.

    2-) Tall skinny guy whom you liked whole lot, but were afraid of.

    3-)  Your feelings of being proud were not validated by your parent,  He showed you how he could "top you." 

    Disappointments in every dream, but the first one. Perhaps your subconscious mind is showing you how you allow other people to run your Life.  All  of your dreams emphasized the men in these dreams, rather than you. The last one was horrible and maybe it shows the man who molded your concept of men to begin with.  Try to learn from your dreams, as they show you who you really are. The guy in your 2nd dream was your "animus": figure.  Google for more understanding.  

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