If the DNA sequence for the CD4+ protein was mutated, what would the consequence be to the cell mediated immune response? ?

Explain your answer.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Hella 'nfections.  T helper cells are CD4 positive, and CD4 stabilizes the immunological synapse between the TCR and MHC-II on the APC.  That activates the TH1 cell to produce clones, which will then signal the cytotoxic T cells (CD8+) which go on seek and destroy missions.

    So, if the CD4 gene was mutated and produced a CD4 protien not capable of binding between the TCR and MHC, then the cytotoxic T would never get it's confirmatory signal, and woona be able to destroy the cells infected with whatever that antigen came from

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