Why did we look at each other like that?

I fell from the bike really badly trying to avoid a car coming from the parking lot of my neighbourhood. I was riding downhill taking a road curve with break that didn't work at all. Since in the neighbourhood it's quite and there is almost anyone I thought no care would have exactly got out at the right moment I did. I almost crashed against it and well, I was lucky I avoided it in time but I feel from the bike. The guy who was riding it got out, was shocked, started screaming at me what the hell have you done? Are you crazy? My god... he was almost panicking and came close to me, asked me if I was alright, I was quite scared but luckily I fell with no injuries, didn't even got a scratch. He was about to take my arm and help me but I refused it and got up alone. He asked me if I was sure I didn't have anything and then kept looking at me in a really worried way and his eyebrows were raised and he looked so handsome and innocent. I just got up and took my bike and went away. He followed me with those sad eyes. Why did he look at me like that?

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  • 1 month ago

    Did you really need to type all that out?

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