Why is college important?

Hello, my name is Ryan. I'd like to make this as authentic as possible. Authentic to the "T". I've realized how helpful asking random questions to strangers might be. You might actually be able to provide me with the answer I'm looking for unbiasedly. But then again, there are questions that I have about this world that are up to my discretion as we're all entitled to our own opinions. There's no right way of doing things.

I'm 20 years old and I decided to drop out of high school at the age of 18. I've never been interested in academics. Completing school is only capable of making you a living, not a fortune. If I'd like to become a billionaire I'd have to figure out what my passion is. A college degree can't make me a billion, a passion can. A passion could be singing for example. During high school, I had difficulty finding a reason why I should go to college? To acquire student debt for a degree I could care less about. I'm not okay with going to college and living miserably just to fit in with other people my age or to make my parents proud of me. When we live in a day in age where becoming a millionaire is achievable by just entertaining people on youtube or TikTok. And I'm not trying to knock anyone that spent quality time at college. If you feel passionate about a certain career that required a degree, go for it. I simply didn't have a reason to pursue a degree. 

Fast forward to 2020, I'm completing my HS diploma digitally through job corps to make my mom happy. :)

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    We think alike. I was never one to think that I NEEDED to go to college or university just for the sake of doing so. My parents would not have been able to afford university and I would not agree to go knowing how much debt they would have from it, even if I did pay it back. I did complete high school because my parents expected that of me; I had no reason not to, but I often wondered what was the purpose of completing all those years in college, to end up with a mountain of debt, only to do a profession that you would need to stay with for years just to justify the choice you made. I went directly into the workforce. I made a comfortable living and never regretted my decision as a young adult as I knew I was not mature enough to know what I would have chosen for a career, and would no doubt end up making a wrong choice that I would regret. 

    Having said that, there did come a time when my circumstances did allow me to take time to go to college. I was in my late 40's, and believe it or not, I was not the oldest in my class. I thoroughly enjoyed the two years I studied, as it was done at a good time in my life, when I was ready, not when it was socially expected of me. I won't regret that choice, and truthfully, if I had the money I would go back again, just because I loved the learning process, and I was mature enough to be able to appreciate it.

    I never have faulted anyone for dropping out of high school. It isn't for everyone, not everyone wants to, or has need of some of the more obscure things taught to a teen, and I always think highly of someone when they, as a mature adult, go back to school to finish, or to upgrade or what have you. That is when you know that person will benefit the most from the experience~ when they, themselves make the decision to do it; not when society expects it of them. 

    I hope you can make your millions. It is out there to be had, maybe not so much with Youtube or Tictok, I really wouldn't put too much stock or faith in either of those, but if you work at it, and make the effort, you can do it. Good luck. 

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