Sam was brought to a child behavior clinic for evaluation on the advice of their pediatrician due to his parent concern about his dev ?

 Previous physical and neurological evaluations revealed no significant findings. Sam weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces at birth and was delivered by Caesarean section after an uncomplicated full-term pregnancy. Sam has one older sister. His father is an attorney and his mother stays at home.Sam’s parents report that his early development seemed quite normal. He was not colicky, and he slept and ate well. During his first two years, there were few childhood illnesses except for the occasional cold. Following Sam’s second birthday, his parents began to become concerned. He was somewhat slower than his older sister in achieving some developmental milestones (such as sitting up alone and crawling). His motor development seemed uneven. He would crawl normally for a few days and then not at all. He made babbling sounds, but had not developed any speech and did not seem to understand even simple commands. Concerned that he might be deaf, they had him evaluated, but his hearing appeared normal. Believing that he might just be stubborn, his parents would try to force him to obey commands or speak, at which times he would sometimes throw tantrums – healing, screaming and throwing him self to the floor. After consulting with their pediatrician, he informed them that that Sam might be mentally retarded. Around the age of three, (LOOK AT PICTURE FOR REST) PLEASSE.


This is a case study that must be diagnosed using the DSM 5

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