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Pennsylvania county loses potentially thousands of requested mail-ballots Where'd they go? Nobody knows?

According to KDKA-TV, the county sent about 40,000 ballots to voters but many of those voters report that their ballots never arrived in the mail.

Voters and election officials are confused by the missing ballots. Officials initially believed that there was simply a delay in the postal system.

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  • Gary
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    4 weeks ago

    Don't worry they got "intercepted" by the demoCROOKS and THEY'RE very busy filling out the ballots for these these people to make SURE they vote for the proper person/people! This is yet another PRIME example of how universal mail-in ballots will, can and ARE being exploited for VOTER FRAUD!! When they're returned to the office they will ALL be marked for Harris/Biden and straight DEMONICrat for CONgress BUT NOBODY will EVER investigate it IF the voting office is demoCROOK controlled! Also IF there are duplicate ballots ONLY the ones that voted for Trump will be discarded regardless of what the actual REAL voter wanted!

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