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Is it legal or at least okay for TEACHERS to have access of your browsing history without the student knowledge?

I am a senior in high school. We have a chromebook that belongs to the school i know that school has access to it and can see what we do on it but teachers i dont know i believe they need to ask for permission. Or if they will see it let the student know. Correct me if i am wrong 

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    You should always assume no expectation of privacy on school or work issued devices. Each place is different in how they handle who gets to see student data. At the district I work for, teachers don't currently have the ability to see student's browsing history. However, the IT admins are looking at a few different solutions that will allow this functionality for teachers.

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    You are wrong, the computer and its contents belong to the school.

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    They do not need permission to monitor computer use or search anything.

    Legally, for anyone under 18, teachers have authority "In loco parentis" - they can do anything parents could, and equally have the responsibilities of care similar to a parent for the kids they are responsible for.

    That includes monitoring internet usage, computer content and browsing history etc. as parents could.

    Over 18, you personally have a contract with the School / college / university and the fine print in that will grant them authority to monitor internet & search property, lockers, dorm rooms etc.

    It is no different when you get a job either - employment contracts include similar clauses giving rights to monitor internet use from company property or premises, and search employees etc.

    [There was a legal case involving Apple employees being searched recently - not about whether they could be searched, but because employees wanted it on company time & apple was doing it after they clocked out].

    Basically, the only time you have absolute control over your property and privacy is once you get your own home and are in it!

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