How to set up 2.1 speakers in Windows?

I googled it and I see a 50% split of answers that I'm surprised by. 2.1 speakers are a left and right speaker plus a subwoofer

50% of people say in control panel sound configuration, set it to "Stereo" (this doesn't display a subwoofer at all in the UI) and that the speakers themselves will handle everything

50% of other people say choose 5.1 and then in the following settings, disable the middle & satellight speakers to where it's only the left, right, and subwoofer enabled

and then at the next page it tells you to choose which speakers are full range, front left/right are already checked and so is "surround", i assume the surround option doesn't matter since you already disable them in the previous page, some people say to keep both checked and some people say to only keep the front left/right checked

I'm so confused, currently I'm doing the 5.1 setup with only the left/rights speakers and subwoofer enabled, with both of those boxes checked.

What's the correct way to properly set up a 2.1 speaker setup in windows???

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