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Should I report this guy for sexual harassment?

So playing a superhero MMORPG, this guy named Blue Code keeps hitting on me, he's been doing that for several months to many of my characters (so he apparently hits on every girl in game he thinks is hot).

Even when I tell him I'm 14 (I'm 32, but I was hoping being "underage" would get him to stop, he talks dirty in ways I wouldn't let an 18 year old see. And he says "We could keep it a secret". He's even asking for nude photos.

(Like every time he hits on one of my characters, I lie saying I'm underage and he still talks that way regardless)

I feel like reporting him to the admins, not because he's being annoying during gameplay, but because if he thinks I'm 14 and he's still talking like that, it makes me wonder if this guy is like a Chris Hansen type situations.


You're right. I should report him. I was just afraid if I report him, they might ask "what did you do to draw him in". All I did was make my character hot.

I knew it would draw attention, but I didn't think it'd draw something trying to get sexual. And even telling him I'm underage and telling him "my father is over protective" doesn't deter this guy.

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  • Raditz
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    So why not report him? You got evidence for his doings, right? So what's stopping you?

    The faster you report, the faster this problem is handled. Or even better, you could report him to the police, since he asked for nude picture

    If you don't want to report him, then don't even bother making this kind of "question", since you're no better, or even the same like that guy. Because only a molester "protects" other molester from getting reported to the authorities.

  • it's the characters part that is a bit leftfield here, but seem pretty odd to me, yeah i'd advise to report them, regardless of whether his dialouge is subjective to the character, it's you who he is obviously targetting, and the fact youv'e highlighted you was, unknown to them, pretending you was underage, only  makes the matter  more report them

  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    Very weird but telling him your underage and playing these games is only egging him on and giving him a game to play. Just report it 

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