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What’s better? A daily 30 Minute Run or getting 10,000 steps?

That’s assuming if I take a 30 minute run, I won’t walk much for the rest of the day. Alternatively, the 10,000 steps will be spread throughout the day, but with absolutely no running??

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    Better for what? What's your goal? For some people, a 30 min run could encompass 10K steps. Walking around throughout day is certainly better than being sedentary, but it's not going to provide the same health benefits as focused exercise (even if that exercise is broken up into 10 minute mini-workouts). Cardio exercise will get your heart rate up, your blood pumping faster, raises your metabolism for a bit, and challenges your body. Walking around throughout the day gets the body moving and does slightly increase blood flow (over being sedentary), but doesn't have nearly the same impact as more intense exercise. 

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    The run without a doubt no matter what your goal is.

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    As "." said, it depends on your goal.

    A 30 minute run is better for cardio-vascular-pulmonary fitness. But, if you are not moving the rest of the day, you could be setting yourself up for "sitting disease."

    Yahoo! Answers has comments blocked, so let me comment here.

    "Sitting disease" isn't caused by sitting -- It's caused by not moving. Unlike the cardiovascular system, our lymphatic system doesn't  have muscles to circulate lymph. We need to move to circulate lymph.

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