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 Is my cousin crazy or no? Details to follow>>>?

My Cousin Sarah has just informed me she suspects her neighbor of using an ELECTRONIC DEVICE to mess with her TV SIGNAL, and possibly even her INTERNET service. I don't know if it BLOCKS the signal, or corrupts it, or what. She was vague---didn't want to go into it. Afraid she would sound crazy, I think. 

She believes this guy is mad at the world over something and is taking-it-out on her, but it's more-likely she did something to make him mad.

 I guess what I'm asking is---does such a device exist? Is she nuts? Could someone be messing with her TV reception?



DCM5150---she has a satellite dish on her house for tv and internet...

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    Yes, it is completely possible to interfere with the signal and really not that hard especially if you are talking over-the-air signal but I'm guessing you are talking cable/wired connection. Of course someone would have to have some decent knowledge to be able to do it.

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    Oh yea, it can be done but not without expensive equipment.

    I have such for radio service and I sometimes knock out my TV signal (terrestrial)

    Like my $1000 + generator:

    There are strict FCC rules against causing interference with any service so have to be careful.

    Now with satellite, something to consider is the twice a year solar blackouts.

    They last upward to half hour and this last a few weeks twice per year.

    The result of the sun in conjunction with the satellite and the antenna.

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    My sister had paranoid schizophrenia, and that sounds a lot like her.  With schiz, your brain will think about things and then suddenly in their own mind, it really happened, even if it didn't.  How do you argue with somebody who's life experience is delusional, but it is as real to them as your life is to you?

    Good luck, hopefully I am wrong, because it is not a nice things to live through. 

  • Sounds a bit crazy but, I'm guessing it's actually Martians.

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