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opinions on the way our school handles corona?

so recently they made almost everyone go back to school & if they didn’t want to they had to withdrawl ( we were online) & they had some go monday and the others go tuesday and then some wednesday you know what i mean. anyways this monday was the recent full schedule ( everyone goes everyday ) so it was rlly packed & not even on a full week a teacher got corona and handful of students did also but all they do is dismiss those students and give the people who’ve been near the sick people a form and they can return to school ..... like not even a full week and i’m scared about how a MONTH of everyone all back together is going to be. some teachers wear their mask on the chin and so do students it’s scary 

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  • fcas80
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    4 weeks ago

    Having everyone attend on Monday, and having people wear the mask not covering the nose, are both foolish.

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