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This girl has extremely overprotective parents and its a major C block, should i just leave? ?

This girl i am talking to has extremely overprotective parents and its really a major turnoff. They hound her phone when we hang out and if she’s not back by a certain time they go insane and call her like 20 times in a row. We’re both 22 and her father told me if you break her heart i will break your face.

I don’t understand, i show respect to her, and her parents but they are just too much to deal with and I’m starting to doubt whether this girl is worth this headache. 

Should i just drop her? 

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    no please dont drop her. Just protect, and the dad cant do anything. SHe is 22 now. If she needs help with opportunity just keep her close to u. She has  a brain. Just judge for her own potential, not the family. they will calm down when she is established and blooming with you. all this attitude will change with new blossoming results. tc.

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    As a rule, if you are already thinking about breaking up then this relationship will not end well and it's probably already unhealthy. although I'm not a fan of your reason for it, the fact that you are strongly considering it is a huge red flag and the healthiest thing for both of you is to move on.

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